Ciseau Electrique Circulaire / SW100



It reached the highest level of technology and safety and can grant power and easy handling due to :

  • its weigh of only 3 kilos.
  • The combination bettween blade and counterblade make the cut to be sharp and precise without any rag grinding.
  • The 90Watt balanced and silenced motor combined with high resistance bronze/steel gear couplings create a long lasting stability.


  • The 6-edge 100mm diameter knife allows to cut any kind of fabric up to 35mm thickness.
  • The aluminium cutter base with rolls is Teflon® coated to be friction proof and grant an easy feed of the fabric with no efforts.
  • The push button sharpening stone allow the sharpening of the knife edge to be done in less than 10 seconds without removing the knife.
  • The low maintenance and low operation cost make surely SW100 to be the best cutting machine suitable for any application in textile and technical fabrics fields.

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