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RAM - 2T


2-voltage elastic distributor

Fixed voltage sensitivity. Adjustable voltage value on 2 profiles.

Allows the immediate transition from smoothness to gathered and vice versa. Knee pad for automatic profile change on request.

RAM advantages

RAM electronic devices can be used without any adaptation with any make or model of sewing machine, new or used.

Usable on any sewing machine to insert and apply tension or feed elastics on lingerie items, bands on undergarment items, laces on lingerie items, elastics on swimwear, elastics on clothing and accessories for the medical sector, bands on knitted clothing, clothing and accessories for work, mesh finishes on underwear and outer articles, socks, tights, all applications where necessary sinking in several parts of the article.

They do not interfere with the work area

Equipped with a complete independent tablet pedestal, the RAM devices can be applied in any position with respect to the sewing machine, away from the sewing area, so as not to clutter and not to reduce visibility and safety. space in the work area.

They are modular

RAM devices are supplied already designed for connection to modular units, which allows their expansion to have several additional functions.

They guarantee maximum precision

RAM tensioners guarantee maximum measurement accuracy, exact repetition of default values ​​and automatic and immediate compensation of elastic tension during the change between elastic dosing and jacking or vice versa.

They are necessary to apply voltage, supply, and control the dosage of:

- Elastics on lingerie items

- Strips on undergarments

- Laces on lingerie

- Elastics on swimsuits

- Elastics on clothing and accessories for the medical sector

- Strips on knitted clothing

- Clothing and accessories for work

- Mesh finishes on underwear and outer items

- Socks, tights

- All applications where jacking is required in several parts of the article

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