Chariot Matelasseur 590E

Détails de la Machine


Spreader with cradle 590E

Patented cradle feed spreading system with catcher programmable up to 5 steps, “tension free” for all fabric types from lycra to denim, from jersey to technical textiles.
Simple and intuitive interface with visual display on latest generation touch screen.
Spreading speed, acceleration and deceleration digitally adjustable.
Automatic fabric threading.
Fully interchangeable with all spreading devices and accessories.
Possibility to spread: face up, face to face, face to face with nap in same direction, tubular fabric, fabric in the wrong side.

  • Operator platform
  • Maximum spreading speed 100mt/min
  • Brushless motors
  • CPS Cutting device without catcher
  • Lay max. height 18cm (14cm with zig-zag )
  • Electronic control of fabric tension
  • Touch Screen control panel
  • Automatic selvage alignment
  • Automatic management of fabric stop
  • Counter lays per colour and total
  • Automatic device for lay thickness


La société ACS a été créée fin 1997. Elle est spécialisée dans la « vente et le suivi » des machines automatiques pour le piquage le repassage et la relevant des marques VIBEMAC, ACCOR, FK GROUP, JUKI, BROTHER, RICHPEACE...

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